A little bit about me……

So what’s this Knitted Camera thing all about then?  I had an idea about 4 years ago about setting up a blog to share things I’ve made in the hope to meet other creatives, inspire people to either try more adventurous things or just to try a new craft.

I’m a professional wedding photographer and a knitting addict.  I love to knit, crochet and sew. I basically just love making stuff and have tried all sorts of things since I moved into my flat 3 years ago.  Lampshades, furniture, soft furnishings and clothes are all things I’ve experimented with and as I love to take photographs, why not combine the two things.

I think i first attempted knitting when I was 4 or 5.  I was lucky I had one Grandma who knitted and another who crocheted and my Mum did both and always encouraged me in all my crafty endeavours (even after a few major disasters including spilling a very large pot of red paint on the dining room carpet and blocking her washing machine with blue fabric dye, she has the patience of a saint!!!)  I learnt the basics early on and made things like the Jean Greenhow Scarecrows and Christmas tree decorations from patterns my Grandma used to get from her Womens Weekley Magazines.  But it wasn’t till was about 30 though that I suddenly decided that I wanted to make my own jumper.  I bought a pattern and some wool and set to it.  I had no idea what I was doing, there’s certainly more to reading a pattern than just picking up needles and knitting and purling.  Then I discovered YouTube and all the wonderful video’s and blogs with detailed instructions on nearly anything I could think of.  I completed my first jumper, it fitted, I was hooked!

There’s more to me than knitting and photography though.  I love to be outside and have recently rediscovered my love for walking and camping.  I love plants, flowers and gardening but live in a flat, so have lots of house plants, get my flower fix from visiting my friends Rachel & Ash at Green & Gorgeous (Florist and Flower Growers near Wallingford) where I’m lucky enough to just be able to wander around and photograph the beautiful flowers to my hearts content.

Recycling, Re-using and repurposing is super important to me.  I feel very strongly about how much rubbish we create and the disposable society in which we live so although I will buy new wool and other craft products it’s more common that I buy my supplies 2nd hand from a variety of sources.  I’ve found some amazing things in charity shops and I also regularly frequent the local Sue Ryder Sales at the Nettlebed Hospice and the WorkAid Charity shop in Chesham.  There’s something so lovely about making a new object with old materials, or reusing something that might otherwise have been thrown away.  It’s also a great way to be able to craft more on a budget.  There are so many beautiful yarns out there for example but I just don’t have the budget to always buy these yarns, where as the other day I bought 8kgs of cotton yarn on an old knitting machine style spool for £2.  I can then dye this if I wish.