Rust Coloured Autumn Jumper

 This was my second attempt at a jumper after knitting Owls by Kate Davis, her designs are gorgeous and I’m sure I’ll knit more in the future.  It’s knitted in the same way, from the top down on circular needles.  Why do I like top down jumpers?  No seams, that’s why, I hate sewing seams.  You can also check the jumper for size as you go which is dead handy if you’re knitting with a different wool to that recommended by the pattern.

So, this pattern’s called Breakwater by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  It’s available to purchase as a PDF for £4.74 and is really clear and easy to follow.  The patterns written for 4 ply wool but I wanted a thicker jumper so bought Sublime Luxurious Aran Tweed in Beech. I wasn’t bothered if the jumper came out a little bigger than the pattern and so knitted with 5mm needles as suggested by the manufacturer and knitted the smallest size available on the pattern.  The result is roughly a slim fitting size 10 (dress size) chunky warm winter jumper. The pattern calls for two different needle sizes so I used a 5mm for the body and a 4.5 for the neck and cuffs.  Its suggested that you need circular needles (for the body) as well as double pointed needles (for the arms) but you could use the circular needles for the whole jumper if you use the ‘Magic Loop’ technique which is really well explained by Anjuli on the Love Knitting blog.  The neck detail is a simple Double Moss Stitch but really adds to the finished jumper.Just in case you’ve noticed the orange leaf earrings they’re made by Songbead from antique glass beads.  She has an amazing Etsy shop full of handmade, gorgeous beadyness, it’s well worth taking a look. The only real problem I had with this jumper was that although the wool was supposed to be lovely as soft as its a Wool, Cotton, Lama blend, there was quite a lot of bits of straw mixed in.  I’ve no idea the reason why but maybe the Lama’s weren’t well washed before being sheared?  Whatever the reason it made the finished jumper a tad itchy and scratchy to start with.  This has reduced massively after a few washes and is pretty soft now although I do generally wear it with a long sleeved top underneath.  Also I made sure that all my balls were from the same dye lot but the last ball was noticeably a different shade, which was a pain as I’d used it to finish the bottom of the body and one sleeve and they are lighter than the rest of the jumper.  Again washing has improved this a little.

NOTE: Incase you decide to buy this wool, it is machine washable but looses a lot of colour the first few washes so I’m really pleased I decided to hand wash it before adding it in with everything else.

To take a look at this project and other knitters versions hop over to Ravelry.

A HUGE thank you to Katia for modeling the jumper for me 🙂

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