Happypotamus – Heidi Bears Hippo


Happypotamus was such a great project and Heidi Bears designs and patterns are just beautiful.  The instructions you get when you purchase the pattern are just brilliant, so detailed with written instructions and lots and lots of pictures to make it even clearer.

I think this or any of the other Heidi Bears animals (like the Bear) are a great way to use up a stash of similar weight yarn. Or if you’re a bit more like me and find it hard to do ‘random’ then they look fantastic in complimentary colours.  These are both made using Paton’s DK 100% cotton (a mercerised cotton available in a fab range of colours)

You do need to know basic crochet stitches, chain, slip, single, double, treble and double treble but the patterns are so clear that I’m sure with a bit of persistence even a beginner crocheter could really enjoy making their own Happypotamus!

Eyes are so important for the overall finished look and character of any knitted or crocheted animal and I always seem to spend ages trying to find just the right eyes.  You can buy actual eyes but they feel a bit comical to me.  I found these lovely brown, rounded plastic buttons with a shank back (loop on the back, rather than holes through the middle)  The shank at the back makes it nice and easy to secure well with a good thick thread.  I looped the thread through the head and the buttons a number of times and then pulled tight to give the head a nice shape.  The thread was then secured off through the head and the body.

I added this little hand stitched label for my nieces happypotamus, a cute little touch.  It’s made from a cream calico cotton.  The embroidery words were added first then it was folded in half, the rough edges folded in and the blanket stitch edge was added.  The flower is crocheted.

Because I made both the happipotamus’ from Paton’s DK cotton and I crochet very tight (I’m really not kean on gaps between my stitches) they weren’t the softest of cuddly toys but they do soften up over time.  There’s really no competing with princess dolls though is there! 

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