Pretty Pink Crochet Bear

Heidi Bears patterns are quite simply brilliant!!  I started by making her Happypotamus pattern and now I’m hooked!  Her PDF patterns are nothing short of brilliant.  Every single element is explained clearly and illustrated with photo’s showing the construction from all angles as well as clear diagrams for the African Flower pattern which the bear is constructed from.

This bear was a present for my friends little girl, Jessica.  I made the blue Happypotamus for her little brother, James and wanted something similar but different and the bear fitted the bill perfectly.  She’s pink mad so  I chose a colour scheme that included pink but not so much it was too ‘Barbie’.  I made all the african flowers as I went, rather than make them all and then join them together, as I wanted to make sure that the colours I used looked as random as possible.  The idea was to make all the parts symmetrical, which is clear on the head and feet but didn’t really work on the body as I put the matching flowers on opposite sides of the body, but it worked in the end as they were nicely distributed.

I’ve never been the best at reading patterns and have been trying to make myself do this as it really does help you to understand how the whole pattern works before starting and avoid mistakes!  Bear is a very good example of this.  I assumed that it was all crocheted on the same size hook as Happypotamus was but it’s not.  Different hook sizes are used to make flowers of different sizes using the same thickness yarn.  This is so that the body and feet are shaped better and works really very well.  Having not read the pattern I only realised this after making most of the body and thinking it looked a little odd.  I couldn’t bring myself to unpick the whole thing which meant that I had to use a hook that was really far too small to be used with DK yarn for the flowers at the top of the body.  It was hard on the hands and I had to make sure I’d properly pulled all the strands of the cotton yarn through but it did work.

I used a mixture of yarns, predominantly Patons 100% Cotton DK but also lots of other bits I’ve picked up in charity shops, Sue Ryder sales or at Workaid.  I always find working with different yarns annoying as no two brands are the same thickness but in this case it worked quite well.  Some of the pieces looked very different sizes before I joined them all together but once joined and stuffed I was able to stretch everything to the right size.

One of the things about Bear is that his arms and legs move.  Using buttons and thick, strong thread they are attached so that they rotate.  This makes him great for older children as they can really play with him.  I used different buttons on the joints to those I used for the eyes as I felt two hole buttons would be better for the eyes and four holes ones for the joints.  Obviously if you’d like to give Bear to a smaller child sew the arms and legs on without the button joints.

As I was making him up I really wasn’t sure about the proportions but he came together beautifully and I was really pleased with him by the end and I think he’s very happy with his new owner.

You can find Heidi Bears Crochet Bear Toy (Lollo Bear Pattern) by clicking HERE.  They really are worth every penny and she now does bulk buy PDF booklets so you buy a few patterns at one time rather than individually.

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