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I created The Knitted Camera because I love to make; knit, crochet, sew, basically anything that involves, needles and thread and many other things beside.  And I want to share that love of all things textiles and handmade with other people.  Please do get in touch if you want more information on something or would like me to blog about something specific.  I’m not 100% sure what direction it’s all going in at the moment but the general idea is to encourage people to try different crafts, experiment with new patterns or just to try something new.  I hope to do sew alongs, how too’s as well as ‘Meet the maker’ interviews.  Any feedback or suggestions welcome, I really don’t want this blog to be ‘look what I can do’ but rather ‘look what YOU can do’.  Can’t wait to hear from you.

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Today I’m working on……..

Today I’m working on……..

5th April 2017

I’ve wanted to embroider some cushions for a while now so I’ve been putting some different colour ways together.  I’m loving the super bright colours in my living room at the moment so want to add to that.  The turquoise, magenta, gold, purple combo I think will look great for an Indian/Moroccan inspired circular design,  maybe a combination of appliqué and embroidery.  The slightly more muted tones below I think I’ll try some Crewel work style embroidery.  So next stage is to find some suitable patterns and transfer them to the fabric.

My constant companion 🙂  She’s not exactly helpful but she rarely chases the wool so that’s a bonus and she makes a brilliant hot water bottle on a chilly night.  In fact the only downside is that everything I knit has to have all the white fur removed before I wear it or give it away!